At Interface our range of Canopies come in sleek, modern designs that are a cost effective solution for protection against the sun and rain. They are a great addition to any outdoor area, provide shelter, shade, and reduce interior temperatures. They can be installed over doors, shop fronts or windows. The Polycarbonate range provides 99% UV Protection, whilst still allowing natural light to pass through. Their installation adds a touch of elegance to any building.

They are also available in Aluminum Finish.

The Canopy is simple in structure, consisting of;

  • The main cover board,
  • Front and back aluminum strips
  • Molded aluminum or engineered PVC brackets,



The three (3) main parts of the Canopy

This makes it very easy and quick to assemble and install. It is perfect for DIY projects by homeowners. However, if requested Interface Limited can ensure your canopy gets done professionally and economically by our installers.

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